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How does the board of nursing handle a complaint?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Professional License Defense |

The Mississippi Board of Nursing plays an important role in upholding standards within the nursing profession. It helps to ensure the health and safety of patients through managing the licenses of nursing professionals.

People can make complaints to the board against a specific nurse, so for those working in the field, understanding how the board handles complaints is important to protecting their license.

Who can complain

The Mississippi Board of Nursing welcomes complaints from various sources. Anyone, including coworkers, employers, other professionals in the field, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, patients and patient families, can file a complaint. This inclusive approach reflects the commitment to transparency and accountability in nursing practices.

Types of complaints

Complaints typically revolve around issues that directly impact the health and safety of patients or involve potential criminal activity. The primary focus is on serious matters that compromise patient care. Instances such as medication errors, neglect or improper procedures may prompt concerned parties to file a complaint.

The Board does not handle complaints related to personal issues that do not pose a serious risk to patients. Complaints should not arise from matters like a nurse’s attitude on the job, attendance issues, general work conflicts or management disputes.

Filing a complaint

The process of filing a complaint involves providing detailed information to the board. This should include information about the alleged incident, names of involved parties and any supporting evidence. The goal is to enable a thorough investigation that ensures fairness to all parties.

Once the board receives a complaint, it carefully reviews the information and may conduct an investigation to gather additional details. The Board strives to address any concerns related to nursing practices and take appropriate actions to maintain the highest standards of care.

The Mississippi Board of Nursing’s complaint process works to uphold the integrity of the nursing profession and prioritize patient safety. Nurses should familiarize themselves with the board and the work it does to manage complaints.