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Traffic Violations Can Threaten Your License

Most people receive a traffic citation at some point in their life. They pay it without thinking much of it and forget about it. When your livelihood depends on your driver’s license, however, you can’t afford traffic violations on your record. Over time, those violations can add up to you losing your commercial driver’s license (CDL) under Mississippi’s laws.

I am M. Darin Vance, Attorney at Law, and I have over 20 years of experience helping clients with all levels of traffic violations. I understand how important your license is to your personal and professional life, and I will help you defend it. I will always fight for the ticket dismissal.

Consequences From The First Offense

Mississippi’s Department of Public Safety tracks every traffic violation on your record. After a certain number of violations, you could face a license suspension or revocation. For those with a CDL, however, the stakes are much higher. You could face consequences after just one minor traffic violation. For example, your insurance rates may go up, or you could have trouble with your employer.

As you are aware, requirements for keeping a CDL are much more demanding than for a standard license. You must follow certain state and federal regulations or risk losing your license, either temporarily or permanently. You may not be surprised that major violations, such as driving under the influence, may result in an automatic suspension. Even minor violations, however, such as following too close or erratic lane changes, can result in a 60-day suspension for a second violation in three years. A typical speeding ticket may require a speeding ticket defense.

Keeping your record as clean as possible is an investment in your career. If the state is threatening to suspend or revoke your license, you need a truck driver attorney. Contact me right away. I will vigorously defend you and your license. Don’t let a traffic violation affect your livelihood. Challenging a citation now can help protect your future.

Don’t Take Chances With Your CDL

Contact me today to discuss how to safeguard your license. Call my office in Hernando at 662-469-5829 or send me an email to schedule a free initial consultation.