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An Expungement Can Help Your Future

If you have a criminal conviction on your record or even a record of being arrested and charged with a crime, it can seriously limit your employment opportunities and negatively affect many other areas of your life. Expungement is a means of removing a conviction or arrest from your record, so that prospective employers and others who may conduct a background check on you will not see it.

I am M. Darin Vance, Attorney at Law. From my office in Hernando, I counsel individuals who wish to have a criminal conviction or arrest expunged from their record.

Many people are not aware that an arrest remains on your criminal record, even if the charges are later dismissed. Clearing your record of convictions and arrests is important for a number of reasons beyond employment opportunities. These include:

  • Qualifying for student loans or being accepted into certain schools
  • Purchasing a firearm
  • Coaching youth sports or performing other volunteer opportunities

Understanding What Crimes Can Be Expunged

Under Mississippi law, a first-time offender who is convicted of a misdemeanor, excluding a traffic violation, may seek an expungement. In order to receive an expungement, you must show the court that you have satisfied any court-ordered punishment or probation, and that you have remained in good standing with the law.

Mississippi courts may expunge a misdemeanor arrest if it is dismissed and if the appropriate documents are prepared by your attorney and presented to the court. In 2014, Mississippi lawmakers approved a bill making certain first-time DUI convictions expungeable.

Certain felony convictions or arrests can also be expunged, including possession of a controlled substance, larceny, shoplifting and malicious mischief. Expungement can apply to juveniles or adults who have a crime or an arrest record.

We Are Ready To Clear Your Record

Expungement is a document-intensive process. Working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the expungement process is essential. I welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about expungement and work with you to clear your record. Call 662-469-5829 or use this online contact form to schedule a meeting.