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Experience Counts In Federal Court

Any criminal charges can be stressful, but federal charges generally carry more severe penalties. The federal court system differs from Mississippi state courts in many ways and has its own rules and requirements. If you are facing a federal charge, you need an attorney with experience in federal court.  

My name is M. Darin Vance, Attorney at Law, and I have over 20 years of experience handling criminal cases. I understand federal criminal cases and how they work in northern Mississippi.

Common Federal Charges

Federal criminal statutes cover a wide range of crimes, from tax fraud to murder. Some crimes are very specific to the federal judicial system, like cases brought by the Internal Revenue Service, but other cases may also be crimes at the state level. The federal government may step in and decide to prosecute that type of crime if the activity crosses state lines or involves federal property or personnel.

The most common cases that come through my door are gun trafficking and transporting drugs over the state line. I have extensive experience handling both of these types of cases. If you face either of these charges, call me today to discuss your options.

Why You Should Hire A Private Attorney?

In certain criminal cases, public defenders are available to those defendants who cannot afford an attorney. The requirements for receiving a public defender are very strict. Most people do not qualify. Even if you do, hiring your own private attorney has many advantages. You will be treated as a person, rather than a number. You will have a dedicated defender in your corner, keeping you informed about your case and working with you to achieve the best result possible. If you work with me, you can put your faith in a person, rather than a system.

Call For A Free Consultation

You don’t have to face your charges alone. Contact my Hernando office today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call at 662-469-5829 or fill out my online form.