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We Provide Assertive Legal Defense Aimed At Keeping Your Record Clean

If you are in an argument with a spouse or former spouse, a family member, or a domestic partner and it turns violent, you may find yourself charged with domestic assault. In fact, the mere threat of violence is enough to be charged with simple domestic assault even if no injury occurs.

Following an arrest, you may face a restraining order that prevents you from returning to your home or having contact with your spouse, child or any other family member. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction in Mississippi are serious and could result in a lengthy jail sentence. If domestic violence takes place in the presence of a child who is 16 or younger, the penalties may be harsher.

If a domestic assault results in serious bodily harm or a weapon is used to cause or threaten serious bodily harm, the offender may face an aggravated domestic assault charge, which has enhanced penalties.

If you have a domestic assault conviction on your record, we can help you get it removed through a process known as expungement. Call or use this online contact form to schedule a meeting me, Attorney M. Darin Vance.

The Long-Term Impact Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

In addition to the immediate penalties for a conviction of domestic violence, the conviction could also affect employment possibilities, the custody of a child, the right to own a gun and other liberties. That is why it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney when faced with any type of assault charge.

At my firm, I provide assertive defense counsel against domestic assault charges. With over 20 years of experience with Mississippi law I understand that police often overreact when responding to domestic argument calls. The alleged victim may overstate what occurred, and suddenly, you are in jail and facing assault charges.

Don’t Dig Yourself Into A Deeper Hole

It is important to enlist my assistance early in the process. Do not try to explain to prosecutors what occurred without a lawyer present. Often, my investigation and witness interviews result in charges being dismissed or reduced. If you face domestic assault or any other charges, contact us to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.