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Reasons for losing a chiropractic license

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Professional License Defense |

Every chiropractor must have a license to treat patients. This certificate shows that the named caregiver has the appropriate training to provide safe and effective medicine.

Although it is uncommon, invalidation of these licenses is possible. Many concerns can lead to this unfortunate outcome.

Professional misconduct

Unethical behavior covers a range of issues, including fraud and patient mistreatment. Any violation of the ethical standards that medical professionals must uphold can end in severe disciplinary actions, including license revocation.

Substance abuse

When chiropractors suffer from addiction, it impairs their judgment and puts patients at risk. Chiropractic doctors struggling with drugs or alcohol may find themselves in the crosshairs of disciplinary action.

Incompetence or negligence

Patients expect chiropractors to provide competent and quality therapy. Any misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment that leads to injury or worsens an existing ailment is a cause for alarm. When clients do not receive reasonable care, it justifies invalidating their license.

Patient complaints

One study finds that 99% of chiropractic patients are happy with the healing sessions they receive. Despite this, there will always be people that are impossible to please. Lost in their anger and frustration, they file complaints that trigger investigations. When checks reveal hints of wrongdoing, it often results in professional consequences.

Violation of ethical standards

Doctors of all stripes must adhere to a strict code of ethics. Breaches of patient confidentiality and fraudulent billing practices are two examples of misbehavior that medical boards find intolerable.

Every chiropractor dreads facing charges that could bar them from practicing their craft. Even the most respectable practitioners must occasionally deal with accusations potentially not rooted in reality. A proper defense will allow them to keep their licenses and continue serving clientele.