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Criminal charges a tourist may face after a bar fight

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Criminal Law |

When you travel to a new state, exploring the culture and nightlife is exciting. If you are drinking alcohol while vacationing, things can take an unexpected turn.

A seemingly harmless bar fight may easily escalate into a legal predicament, resulting in criminal charges. As a tourist, understanding the potential criminal charges may help ease the stress of the situation.

The lighter charges

Engaging in disruptive behavior during a bar fight could lead to disorderly conduct charges. That may involve yelling, inciting violence or behaving aggressively.

Similar to disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace charges can arise if your actions contribute to public disturbance, especially if they lead to fights or violence. In most cases, both of these charges are misdemeanors.

The severe charges

When a bar fight goes to the next level, it may mean facing a potential felony. Assault occurs when a person intentionally causes fear of physical harm or actual physical harm to another person. If the assault involves the use of a deadly weapon or results in serious bodily injury, the charges get elevated.

When it comes to violent crimes in Mississippi, the state recorded 3,091 aggravated assault charges in 2022. This statistic highlights the real-world consequences individuals face when confrontations escalate.

Additionally, while many people think battery and assault go hand in hand, battery charges might get added on to an assault charge if the altercation escalates to physical contact resulting in bodily harm. Battery involves intentionally causing physical harm to another person.

Even if you did not start the fight, actively participating and causing harm to someone may lead to legal troubles.