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Could drug court keep you out of jail or prison?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Criminal Law |

A Mississippi drug charge has the capacity to upend many aspects of your life. Depending on how serious the charge you face is, you may wind up serving time, attending substance abuse treatment programs and paying sizable fines, among other possible repercussions. However, if you meet certain eligibility terms, you may have the option of enrolling in DeSoto County’s Adult Intervention Court as an alternative to spending time behind bars.

According to DeSoto County, drug courts like the county’s Adult Intervention Court seek to keep offenders with substance dependencies out of the criminal justice system by combatting what is often the root cause of their criminal behavior: drug addiction.

What to expect during drug court

If you gain acceptance into Adult Intervention Court, you must keep up with certain compliance requirements. Plan on having to appear regularly before a judge or drug court administrators. Expect, too, to take regular drug tests throughout the program’s duration. Holding down a job throughout the entirety of the drug court program is also a requirement for most participants.

What to expect upon completing drug court

Most Mississippi residents facing drug charges who successfully complete Adult Intervention Court have their jail sentences suspended after doing so. As long as you remain drug-free after completing drug court and do not commit any other offenses, you may be able to avoid jail time altogether.

While completing drug court may keep you out from behind bars, it may also give you the tools and resources you need to abstain from substance abuse and criminal behavior in the future.