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Can an agreed settlement proposal save my nursing license?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Professional License Defense |

The state of Mississippi establishes personal and professional rules for people to practice nursing. As long as you adhere to these standards, your nursing license should be safe. In the event the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure suspects you of misconduct, you may have to consider how to defend your license.

If there is enough evidence to support a complaint against you, you might need to defend yourself at a public formal hearing. However, an agreed settlement proposal may help you avoid the uncertain outcome of a hearing.

How an ASP works

An ASP is similar in some respects to a plea bargain. Undergoing a formal hearing means the state medical licensure board will decide your fate. However, with an ASP you would admit to the violation the state board has alleged against you in exchange for a settlement. This may help you avoid a harsher punishment that could result from a formal hearing.

In an ASP, you agree to certain penalties for your violation, which the board must approve. Your punishment may involve supervision of your practice for a period of time or drug testing if you had abused drugs. You could also take an educational course. Other penalties may involve a formal reprimand or paying a fine.

ASPs are voluntary

Keep in mind that you enter into an ASP of your own free will. You should not feel forced to do so. In fact, you have the right to refrain from making a statement or answering questions if a license board investigator contacts you for a phone interview at the start of an investigation. Know that you have options if you choose to fight a complaint against you.