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Do you qualify for an expungement?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Having a criminal record may stop you from reaching specific goals in your professional life. An expungement may provide relief.

Not all crimes qualify for expungement under the law. However, if yours does, it may open doors that you thought closed long ago. Take a look at some of the details when it comes to seeking and successfully getting an expungement.

What is an expungement?

A background check by a potential employer may bring to light criminal charges, convictions and arrests. For some professions, having any of these, regardless of the outcome, may bar you from employment. An expungement is a process that removes some or all of these flags from your record permanently.

What qualifies for an expungement?

Some items on your criminal record become eligible for expungement under specific circumstances. You may ask the court to expunge an arrest that did not result in any charge or conviction. A court may also consider removing some convictions, including first-time misdemeanor offenses. Specific first-time DUI convictions may also qualify for expungement. Should you seek an expungement for a conviction, you have to provide the court with evidence that you fulfilled all terms of your sentence.

What might an expungement do?

An expungement may impact your life in positive ways. You may qualify for security clearance and, therefore, a better job. You may get back some of the financial aid your college or university requires. You may even become eligible to volunteer in a youth sport situation.

Should you decide to seek an expungement for any item on your record, seek guidance from a professional with experience. You stand a better chance at success with an ally in your corner.