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How do colleges handle DUI convictions of students?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | DUI |

Getting a DUI as a student can feel like an enormous deal. You may wonder if it is possible to get expelled due to a conviction.

Even if this is not a concern, you could wonder about other potential consequences. How exactly does a college react to a student with a new DUI on record?

Loss of financial support

The College Investor discusses the harsh reality of having a DUI conviction as a student. It is possible for a college to decide to expel a student. However, this decision does not come lightly and it is often reserved for cases that involved extreme property damage, the bodily harm to someone else, or the death of any person.

But even if these situations do not apply, it is still possible and even probable that a college will take action. They often start with the removal of financial support. This can include scholarships, grants, prizes and more.

On-campus housing rights

Then, they remove a student’s access and rights to on-campus housing. If you wish to continue attending, you may have to pay for off-campus housing, which is often prohibitively costly, especially in bigger cities.

On top of the cost of transportation, books, other items and tuition without any reduction in price, this is often enough to price some out of college.

Of course, DUIs can also close some career path doors for you, too. For example, if you sought a career in childcare or government work, you will have to temporarily relinquish these dreams.

Due to these potentially large impacts, it is important to treat any DUI charge seriously from the start.