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How will a new law on parole in Mississippi impact lives?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Senate Bill 2795, also referred to as the Mississippi Earned Parole Eligibility Act, passed through the state legislature in April 2021 and became effective in July 2021.

To help curtail an incarceration crisis, the bill allows inmates convicted of some nonviolent crimes to apply for parole after serving a certain percentage of their sentence.

Who is eligible for parole?

SB 2795 dictates that inmates serve no less than 25% of their sentences or ten years for nonviolent crimes committed after June 30, 1995, before getting an opportunity for a parole hearing. This means that someone sentenced to 60 years in prison could have a parole hearing after serving ten years.

The new act aims to align Mississippi with states like Texas that offer eligibility for parole through a vetting system. Those who display signs of rehabilitation and earn a second chance can request parole while those who deserve to remain in prison do. Lawmakers believe that providing hope of release to inmates will help them behave responsibly and earn the right to their release.

Are you or a loved one are eligible for parole?

Based on new Mississippi law, you or your loved one serving prison time could qualify for parole. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, speak with an experienced criminal attorney in the state to help you determine if you are eligible to go before the parole board.

Everyone makes mistakes, and while those errors do call for punishment, some people deserve a chance to re-enter society. SB 2795 makes that a possibility for more inmates in Mississippi.