How can you help your teen stand up to peer pressure?

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If your teenager finds him or herself in trouble with the law, you may start to wonder how you could prevent it from happening in the future. Did you do something wrong? Did you miss the signs? According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, your teen’s peers play a role in his or her emotional and social development.

While peers can positively influence your child’s life, they can also encourage each other to steal, use drugs, alcohol, and engage in risky behavior.

How can you decrease the chance of peer pressure?

If you worry that your child may be vulnerable to peer pressure, there are signs to look out for and ways you can prevent your teen from succumbing to pressure. First, you need to encourage your child to speak to you openly and honestly. You do not want him or her to fear coming to you if something does not feel right. Try to get to know your teen’s friends as much as possible. If you see problems arising, you can speak to the parents of the other teens.

How can teens avoid peer pressure?

You may be able to teach your teen how to stay away from those who may encourage him or her to engage in dangerous behavior. Some kids have difficulty saying no, but you can tach home or her to avoid situations that make him or her uncomfortable. If your teen struggles with succumbing to peer pressure, discuss his or her friend group. Explain how he or she should have at least one friend that can help stand up to peer pressure.

Sometimes, to avoid peer pressure, discussing the issue with a doctor or school counselor can help.