How much does a DUI cost?

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Perhaps you did not think you had too much to drink, or maybe you do not live far from a bar you frequent. Either way, police hit you with drunk driving charges recently. How should you prepare for the financial fallout?

See how much you should expect to pay for DUI fees with insights from the American Addiction Centers. Get your financial affairs in order while learning about your legal rights in the matter.

Auto insurance

Once you regain your driving privileges and your auto insurance provider renews your policy, expect to pay a lot more for coverage. Your current insurance company could drop you as a customer entirely. If so, you may have a hard time finding another company willing to insure you. No matter who covers you, as an at-risk driver, you could pay high premiums for years.

License fees

You may lose your license after your DUI. After serving your suspension sentence, you must pay a license fee to regain your driving privileges. Save up for the reinstatement fee now, so you have one less obstacle between you and driving again.

Cost of transportation

While serving your license suspension sentence, you must secure alternate transportation. You could use rideshare services, take public transportation or hail taxis to get to and from work and run errands around Mississippi. No matter how you get from place to place, expect to pay. Even if friends and family drive you, they may want gas money in return.

DUI fees do not have to catch you off-guard. Arm yourself with the proper knowledge to prepare your finances.