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What nursing jobs do you qualify for with a suspended license?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Firm News |

A negative report to the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure or another negative circumstance led to the loss of your nursing license. While you plan to fight the situation, you must still make a living.

Chron explains job options for nurses who no longer have their licenses. You could still work in certain areas of nursing while waiting to see how your case turns out.

Nursing assistant

Whether you qualify for nursing assistant work depends on the reason for your disciplinary action. For instance, you may have better chances of getting a job if you stand accused of unprofessional conduct. The same does not apply if patient neglect or abuse triggered your license loss or revocation. Before applying for nursing assistant positions, think about what employers could discover when checking your professional background.

Medical assistant and medical secretary

Depending on your current nursing abilities and work experience, you could qualify for a medical secretary position. The job requires in-depth knowledge of medical terminology. You may also meet the requirements for medical assistant work, which involves helping physicians with administrative and clerical jobs.

Personal care and home health aide

If you do not mind traveling for work, you could enjoy being a home health or personal care aide. Home health aides help patients with everyday tasks like dressing and bathing. While personal care aides perform the same work, they may also help patients with housework.

While scary, facing nursing license revocation or suspension does not mean the end of your nursing career. Thinking about how to use your skills and passions in similar nursing positions or other fields may help protect your finances.