Can a DUI impact your time in college?

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As a college student, you must understand that any potential run-in with the law could cause you trouble with your college. This even goes for first-time DUI offenses. If you end up convicted for DUI related crimes, this will get back to the board.

But what happens after a college learns of a DUI conviction? Will they take action against you?

Pricing you out

Unfortunately, they often do take action. The College Investor even claims that a DUI conviction can ruin your college career. But they may not act in the way you expect. Many students would anticipate an expulsion. However, the act of expelling a student is more rare than you may think.

Instead of directly expelling a student, colleges will often price students out of attendance instead. They may do this by revoking any financial aid they previously gave you. This can include awards, grants and more. Colleges will also do this to maintain their image. After all, many parents and students would have trouble with a school continuing to provide financial support to someone with a DUI conviction.

On-campus housing

They may bar you from using on-campus housing, too. This can make getting to school hard, especially if your license gets suspended. You will have to rely on other forms of transportation, which can cost a lot of money or lengthen your daily commute. If you have to live in normally priced apartments in the surrounding area, you will find it quite expensive too.

Thus, you want to take any DUI charge you face seriously. A conviction could put a bigger dent in your college career than you think.