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Repairing your reputation after a professional misstep

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Making a mistake in the workplace can have long-lasting consequences that impact your career indefinitely. Once you have paid your legal dues and receive clearance to begin looking for work again, your reputation will be more important than ever before.

Knowing some of the strategies for repairing your public image can support your effort to regain credibility in your industry and profession.

Align your behavior

While you may behave one way in the workplace, you may act differently when you are in a personal setting. You may also choose to share tidbits of your personal life on social media platforms. According to Glassdoor, one way to repair your reputation is to align your personal and professional behavior.

Whether in a professional setting or not, showcase your best self and be mindful of which activities you participate in. People may be more likely to trust your credibility when they have proof that you are the same person in both your professional and personal roles.

Control your future

You cannot control the way people view you. Even as you work relentlessly to fix what others think of you and your actions, there will still be people who do not believe you have changed. Rather than focus on aspects that lie outside of your control, focus on what you can continue doing to improve your situation.

Recognize that fixing a reputation will take time. During the process, set goals for your future. You may also consider working with a mentor to guide you through your current challenges. Even if you do not notice any significant changes in people’s opinions of you right away, with time and effort you may once again have the opportunity to prove your credibility.