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OCDETF program sees man pleading guilty to distribution charges

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Criminal Law |

When it comes to drug charges, the state or federal courts take things seriously but tend to pursue distribution more aggressively than possession. The fines that jail-time accompanying them reflect this. 

In order to investigate and prosecute alleged distributors, an immense amount of cooperation takes place between federal, state and local approaches. 

The $8,000,000 crime

According to the Department of Justice, a Mississippi resident pled guilty to a charge of possession with intent to distribute. The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force prompted a joint investigation with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics along with Neshoba County authorities in order to pursue this case. 

Courts previously convicted the 35-year-old man of selling cocaine in Neshoba County and in this case he pled guilty to selling and distributing methamphetamine. 

The maximum penalty for his sentencing, scheduled in May, is up to life in prison and an $8,000,000 fine. 

The investigation across Texas and Mississippi

The OCDETF operation known as “Operation Highlife” encompasses a distribution network of illegal narcotics across both Texas and Mississippi. With so many different branches of authority and jurisdiction working together, cases need a thorough review of the facts. 

It is possible, for anyone else alleged of a felony drug distribution charge, that law enforcement overstepped their boundaries. Law enforcement may execute a search warrant improperly in their aggressive pursuit of suspected people. 

Those in this situation deserve a comprehensive defense. Felony drug charges like distribution, trafficking and manufacturing pose long-lasting effects on someone charged with them. High fines, years-long jail times and the stigma of being a felon are all unnecessary hurdles for those who do not deserve them.