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Obtaining a restricted driving license

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2021 | DUI |

If you are facing drunk driving charges, you likely worry about various repercussions, whether your job is at stake, your reputation is on the line, you have concerns about financial penalties or you are worried about spending time behind bars. However, losing your driving privileges is an especially disruptive consequence that many people in this position have to come to terms with. For some, obtaining an Interlock Restricted Driving License allows them to take care of critical responsibilities in the wake of a DUI. 

If you are thinking about pursuing a restricted driving license, you need to go over the process as well as the fees associated with this privilege. 

Requesting a restricted driving license

According to the Driver Service Bureau, those facing DUI charges in Mississippi have the ability to ask for a restricted driving license in order to maintain certain driving privileges. However, it is important to review the time limits that are in place and other requirements that you need to meet, such as calling to make sure that the court mails required documents and that they are put into the system. You will also need to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle in order to drive with a restricted license. 

Reviewing the cost of a restricted license

When you pick up your restricted driving license, you will need to pay $175 for the interlock fee. Moreover, the reinstatement fee for DUI charges is $175 and those who apply for a license with a T restriction must pay $56. These licenses help those struggling with a DUI drive to work and take care of other critical responsibilities.