Will a conviction for DUI impact your security clearance?

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You may be a member of the military or a government worker required to have security clearance.

If law enforcement should stop you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, will a DUI conviction put your security clearance in jeopardy?

About the offense

If law enforcement arrests you on suspicion of DUI, a conviction will go on your record, which will have an effect on your future in many ways. For example, you may find it more difficult to extend your education, find another job or obtain a mortgage.

Where problems arise

If you work for the government or are a member of the military, you should keep in mind that a DUI conviction could have a negative impact on your security clearance. A first offense should not affect your ability to keep the clearance, but repeated DUI convictions will be cause for concern. A second or third offense will result in questions about impulse control, which refers to excessive drinking, and judgment due to your decision to drink and drive.

What will happen

If law enforcement arrests you for driving under the influence of alcohol, be sure to follow all the rules and rely on an effective defense strategy. A DUI conviction may cast doubt on your ability to deal appropriately with classified information, so be proactive. Do not delay in informing your employer or your security officer about the incident. Remember that a first offense should not jeopardize your security clearance, but in any event, you will want the best outcome possible for your case.