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What actions can the board take against my nursing license?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2020 | Firm News |

If you violate the laws regulating nursing licensure or someone accuses you of violating a law, then you could face disciplinary action by the Mississippi Board of Nursing. The MSBN explains that it can hold you accountable for any violations of the MSBN Administrative Code or the Nursing Practice Act. The board may take disciplinary or non-disciplinary actions. 

Non-disciplinary actions are those that alert you to possible issues. They include sending you a letter that outlines the possible violations or an affidavit that pertains to not providing true or complete information to the board. These do not involve judicial involvement or disciplinary actions, but could escalate to disciplinary action. 

Disciplinary actions follow general due process. You will get a notice that explains the charges against you and have time to build your case. You will have a chance to attend a formal hearing with a panel of board members. Here you can enter a plea and present your case. You may bring witnesses and evidence just as you would in a criminal trial. The board members will then make  ruling. This could involve suspending or revoking your nursing license. It also could include fines, probation, educational courses or license restrictions. Do note that you can appeal a formal hearing ruling. 

You may also choose an Agreed Settlement Proposal instead of a hearing. This will allow you to attend a settlement hearing where you will have a chance to reach a settlement with the MSBN legal division. The settlement you reach is binding and could carry the same penalties that you would face in a hearing. However, settlements are private whereas hearing are public.