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Rushing and drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Firm News |

Drivers are pulled over by law enforcement officials who suspect that they are intoxicated for many reasons, whether they are weaving in and out of a lane or they are driving too slow. However, many drivers have been pulled over because they were in a rush and were going over the speed limit. In many instances, a law enforcement official pulls someone over for speeding without suspecting that they have consumed alcohol. However, they may realize that the driver appears to be under the influence. This should remind drivers of how important it is to avoid speeding and driving while drunk.

Just because someone is pulled over and a law enforcement official believes that they are over the legal limit, this does not mean that they were driving drunk. A sobriety test may have been administered improperly, or a law enforcement official may have failed to respect the rights of the driver. In fact, a bitter law enforcement official may even accuse someone of drunk driving even though they have no valid evidence to back up their serious claims.

Drivers who are in a rush may be more likely to face DUI charges if they have alcohol in their system. Whether someone needs to get home because it is very late and their spouse is upset or a driver has an emergency that they have to respond to a myriad of factors may play a role in speeding while under the influence. For example, someone may have had a few drinks, thinking that they were done driving for the day, only to have a family crisis surface that prompted them to get behind the wheel.