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Things that may affect military clearance

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News |

Mississippi military personnel need to know that some things may cause them to lose their military clearance. Absent these credentials, these personnel may not remain in the same or similar job capacity. 

The attorneys and staff at M. Darin Vance, Attorney at Law, aim to provide the critical information you need to maintain this essential part of your job. Without understanding the type of things that may affect its status, you may inadvertently lose it. 

Frequent checks  

Recently, checking on the financial and criminal history of military employees has become more regular and random. Previously, these checks may only happen every few years once security clearance cleared a person. Due to changes in policy, however, background checks now occur on a frequent and ongoing basis. Any criminal infraction following your initial background check and approval can land you in front of a superior. 

Financial missteps  

The primary issue that crops up and throws a military employee’s security clearance into question revolves around money. People who have poor credit or repeated patterns of excessive spending and debt may find themselves out of a job. This is because those in a dire financial situation may get taken advantage of and put in compromising positions. An example is taking a bribe. Someone on the edge of financial disaster is more susceptible to accept a bribe than someone on sound financial footing. 

Keeping a clear credit and criminal record is the best way to maintain your security clearance and job. If you need more help with this or any other matter, take a look at our website for guidance.