The Lawyer You Want

In Your Corner If You Face Criminal Charges

My firm focuses exclusively on defending clients throughout northern Mississippi against criminal charges. I will protect your rights and future with intelligent, assertive legal counsel.

Challenge Your DUI

Effective defense for a drunk driving charge.

Drug Charges

Experienced strategies against all drug charges.

Serving In The Military?

Get the help needed to keep your record clean.

Sex Crime Charges

Meticulous investigation and case preparation.

Professional License Defense

Swift action to protect your career.

Clear Your Record

Certain priors can be removed from your permanent records.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Legal Defense

A criminal conviction can have lifelong repercussions. In fact, just being charged with a crime can have consequences on your job or your family life. The American justice system operates on a presumption of innocence, but that may not be sufficient if you are not represented by a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

I am attorney M. Darin Vance, and defending individuals against criminal charges is all I do. I have more than 22 years of legal experience. Since I appear in criminal courtrooms throughout northern Mississippi counties on a regular basis, I understand how to develop solid cases to minimize steep penalties.

Trusted Defense Based On An Individualized Approach

Too often, a firm touts the experience it brings to the table, only to shift the majority of their clients to less experienced attorneys at the firm. I am a solo practitioner, so you will work directly with me from the initial consultation through the resolution of your case.

I will emphasize clear communication from start to finish so you stay informed about the status of your case, understand the next steps, are aware of your options and know the possible outcomes. Your concerns are my concerns.

The Smart Choice For A

Solid Defense

There Is No Substitute For Trial Experience

I began practicing criminal defense law in 1997. Over that time, I earned my reputation in northern Mississippi as a dedicated trial lawyer committed to achieving the best possible results for my clients. I know how far negotiation can go for a fair resolution and when to take a case to trial for an optimal outcome. I have defended people in municipal, state and federal courts in Mississippi.

Whether you are facing a criminal charge for the first or fourth time, a professional, a blue-collar worker, a member of the military, a juvenile or an immigrant, I will respectfully serve and fight fiercely for the rights of all my clients facing criminal allegations.

I Understand What You Are Going Through

I provide clear communication and will help you set realistic goals. I am focused on your concerns and protecting your freedom every step of the way.